Welcome to the next steps on your North Star Map Journey!

Your ink hand printing kit is on the way to you via postal mail!

While you are awaiting its arrival,

 you can access your:

North Star Guide Book

YouTube hand printing instruction video

Hand printing instruction printable PDF

Client Information Sheet

Important! Please upload, mail or email your completed Handprints and Client Information Sheet

within 1 week of receiving your ink hand printing kit.

The ink sheets in your ink printing kit can dry out and there is a fee to resend another set. 

Please Upload, Mail or Email your:

1. Client Information Sheet

2. Your ink hand prints*


Upload items to your Google Drive or Dropbox folder and email a link to Support@HeartSoulPurpose.com


Mail to:

Shannon Montana

c/o HeartSoulPurpose

P.O. Box 822

Gardnerville, NV 89410


Email to: Support@HeartSoulPurpose.com

You may need to send the attachments in separate emails due to the large file size of the hand prints.

*To upload or email hand prints, please scan them at a high resolution (300 DPI) and save as a JPEG file.

This generally ensures a large enough file size for accurate decoding of your hand print information!

Please DO NOT send photos of your hand prints! Distortion can occur that could affect your reading.

Click here for a helpful link I used to show me how to easily adjust the resolution to 300 DPI on my scanner.

Regardless of the method you use to submit your items, you can expect an email confirmation.

Once your items have all been received, a link to your Hand Analysis Session and sign up for your LIVE one-on-one will be delivered to your inbox via email within about 7-10 business days.

You have a personal calling, as unique as a fingerprint….
— Shannon Montana

 "Your Life Purpose...is in your hands!"™