Welcome to the Journey Within...to your own North Star!

Here is your "Journey Kit":

The North Star Guide to the Map in your Hands! (PDF download)


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 Discover the North Star Map in Your Hands...to navigate the depths of your soul!

Your Journey begins here!

I've created a brand new
guidebook and video series (above)
that I think you will love!

"Discover the North Star Map
in Your Hands
to Navigate the Depths
of your Soul".

You've been asking for videos,
so I am super excited to share this
with you as my gift!

I was really nervous to delve into video, but I do have the"Public Impact"
Gift Marking in my own hands,
so I knew this was a fear
I needed to overcome!

I hope you enjoy them! 

Now that I have taken the video plunge, I'm actually excited to do more!

I welcome your feedback and suggested video topics for my next series!

In your first video, we'll explore your Sacred Triad and how
The North Star Map in your own hands, leads to your unique life path, life calling and life purpose!

And we'll also discover
the #1 thing holding you back
from living your purpose!

There is no greater thing you can do with your life and your work than follow your passions…in a way that serves the world and you.
— Sir Richard Branson

 "Your Life Purpose...is in your hands!"™