Private Soul Journey Intensives connect the heart, soul and purpose of your life + your business. When You Are Ready to Go Far...Fast...

Your hands hold a map to

your North Star...your Life's Calling...Deeper Purpose...your Big Why...

Life's a Journey...I'm your guide...

Discover the Map in your Hands to

Navigate the Depths of your Soul...

What could be a more worthwhile or important journey than that?

There is no greater thing you can do with your life and your work than follow your passions…in a way that serves the world and you.
— Sir Richard Branson

Your North Star…

 requires a map for its navigation.

The map to your North Star is literally in your own hands!


As a Scientific Hand Analyst, I am trained to decode this map, including the DNA information from the fingerprints which reveals your Life Purpose!

As a Spiritual Guide, I help you navigate the path and stay on course.


Hand Analysis is a powerful blending of both science and ancient spiritual knowledge.

There is no fortune telling or prediction involved.

Navigate the Depths of Your Soul...

The 5 Points of your North Star

1.    Sacred Triad - Life Purpose, Life Lesson, Life School

2.    Hand Shape - your natural element

3.    Major Lines in the hands - rivers of consciousness

4.    Gift Markings - what sets you apart

5.    Wisdom Markings - your wisdom, talents, challenges

If you are in transition your session can absolutely transform your life and provide the direction, clarity, and inspiration you seek!

If you are in transition your session can absolutely transform your life and provide the direction, clarity, and inspiration you seek!


The Journey to

Your North Star

Begins with:

Your North Star Hand Analysis Reading!

This 60 minute reading is done live via phone or Skype.

You will learn the five points of your own North Star Map including your

specific Life Purpose, Path and Calling

as well as

the #1 thing keeping you stuck from living it!


The Journey

Continues with:

Your North Star Soul Journey Intensive!

This half or full day intensive is done live via Skype, Webinar or Zoom.

Designed for deep and meaningful results fast!

I'd love to meet you for a day of powerful soul coaching!

We will connect your work in the world and your "Why" for yourself

to your North Star Map and get you big results!


There's something really amazing about a woman giving herself an entire whole day, don't you think? When is the last time you had a full day just for you and your dreams? This is your opportunity to do so and make this your year!

Soul Journey Intensives provide a unique kind of uninterrupted attention that you can't get any other way, which is what I love about them.

It's a time to really hone in on what work needs to be done to connect your life and business to your deeper Purpose (or finally start your dream business). A time to take it to the next level and get crystal clear on how to get the heart-felt results you're longing for quickly. 


This one day will be what it takes to revitalize you as an entrepreneur and woman who stands out AND gets the support she needs to move forward with elegance. 

And let's be real - this is a chance to ignite and recharge your life and dreams and give them the focus and structure they deserve! No more feeling stuck, playing small and wondering where to focus!

This is your opportunity to treat yourself and your dreams to a whole day with me to give voice to that part of yourself that is longing for expression in the world.  


So if you know this is for you, you are in the right place.



All intensives are tailored to each client, but we will cover some of the topics below based on your needs. 

I've found it is valuable to allow some time following the Hand Analysis Reading (a week or two)

to let your new dreams, desires and questions naturally bubble up to the surface. 

During this time, you will have online access to an incredible guidance tool my "Soul Journey Intensive Packet"!

This carefully designed and in depth packet will guide you to using your Hand Analysis Reading to getting clear on your wants, needs, desires and dreams!

This will help you use your new insights

to get clear on what you would most like to focus on during our Intensive day together!

That way, we won't be spending time during the Intensive, trying

to figure it out.  Instead we can spend our time bringing your North Star Map

fully into expression according to your authentic wants, needs, desires and dreams!

And just imagine...

Now that

you will already know your North Star,

here are some topics we might

focus on during your Intensive:


  • Get clarity on your vision / mission / values and how to design a business that is in alignment with your deeper “WHY”, your Purpose
  • Understand who you serve (your niche/target market) and how to easily attract more of your ideal clients
  • Identify your gifts & strengths, and create services and offerings that benefit others
  • Learn how to take imperfect action to make progress toward your goals
  • Create systems & structures that give you the freedom to take time off, or simply spend more time working on the parts of your business that you love most


  • Get clarity on ways to monetize your path and purpose, and how you want to give back and serve others
  • Create a vision for your short- and long-term purpose-driven goals, and a clear plan to help you get there
  • How to package your unique purpose, gifts, wisdom and talents - you have more than you realize!
  • Figure out your irresistible offerings and pricing of the offerings (no more pricing too low!).
  • Become a sales superstar without ever feeling "salesy". (I promise!)
  • Email marketing, teleclasses, and connecting with your audience. (Because they want to hear from you!)
  • Use your unique challenges to create the "secret spice" to your business.
  • Workshops, course or product development. 


  • Create community in 3 key areas: your business, your network/support system, and the people you impact through your purpose-driven work
  • Branding that showcases the authentic YOU in your business and makes you feel proud to share your work with the world
  • Harness the power of community to actualize your vision/mission on a bigger scale
  • Increasing your visibility so clients can actually find you. 
  • Website development. (No more website shame!)
  • Create alluring website copy. 
  • Put a stellar marketing plan in place.
  • Social media accounts and plan of action
  • Advertising that sets you apart.
  • Newsletter and blog development that doesn't drain or bore you. 
  • Increase followers across social media platforms. 
  • List building (I'll tell you what that is!) and staying connected with those who want you in their life.
  • Learn where to find other like-minded women who will support you to show up as the best version of yourself
  • Pin point who your ideal client is and where they are. 
  • Embrace the benefits of going where you’re wanted not needed. (Yes, there's a difference!)
  • Attract your "people" and tribe instead of settling for just anyone.


  • Design a business model that supports your mission
  • Learn systems to simplify your life and keep you out of burnout and overwhelm
  • Design your ideal calendar / schedule – complete with time for fun, creativity, contribution, loved ones, travel, and anything else that is important to you
  • Time management and delegating - no more working all hours!
  • Integrate your life and work (instead of feeling like you have to choose between one or the other)


  • Move past limiting beliefs around money that are keeping you from the abundance and impact you are meant to have
  • Learn to charge what you are worth – and get it!
  • Start loving sales, because all you do is serve people…
  • See "Yes, please's" vs. "No, thank you's" in a whole new light (when “No” doesn’t feel like a rejection – but rather a step closer to a “Yes”)
  • Earn plenty of money to enjoy your desired lifestyle AND give back in a meaningful way
  • Become clear on your specific money desires (which will set you up for big wealth). 
  • Live your authentic life (this means being able to travel, shop, and live on your terms instead of money worries). 
  • Amp up your knowledge around wealth consciousness (what will attract money to you).
  • Why it is important to live an abundant lifestyle even before the money comes in. 


  • Enjoy the kind of clothing, home environment, and lifestyle you desire… because you know that you can have all of this AND make a positive impact in the world
  • The feeling of capability and endless possibilities.
  • Freedom from limiting beliefs.
  • Increase your overall happiness.
  • Get out of a constant state of uncertainty.
  • Prioritize self-care, because you understand that it is 100% critical for your success and happiness
  • Break free of negative thoughts holding you back.
  • Reconciling your day to day life with owning a business and doing both gracefully. 
  • Healthy self-esteem and self-love.
  • Fewer worries about the future. 
  • Less stress and overwhelm.
  • Increased energy and a healthy living plan in place.
I work with clients worldwide LIVE or via Skype/phone. Choose your session and my office will mail you an ink hand printing kit and welcome packet. Simply mail or scan your prints and packet back.

I work with clients worldwide LIVE or via Skype/phone. Choose your session and my office will mail you an ink hand printing kit and welcome packet. Simply mail or scan your prints and packet back.

Are you ready to get started?

Step 1. Choose your North Star Soul Journey Intensive below!

(Your ink hand printing kit and welcome packet is on its way to you via postal mail within 1 business day!)

Step 2. You make your ink hand prints and scan or mail them back to me along with your completed packet.

Step 3. We set up your North Star Map Hand Analysis session and Soul Journey Intensive session via Skype, Zoom or Webinar.

Bonus #1 Prior to your sessions you will receive personally prepared insights, guidance and tips to help you to take full advantage of your Soul Journey Intensive! $297 Value

Bonus #2 You will also receive detailed Hand Analysis session notes! $297 Value

Bonus #3 You will receive a complimentary link to your entire session recordings so that you can download or stream to listen again and again! $297 Value

Bonus #4 For a limited time, I am offering to identify your unique Business Niche from your hands!  This is where you should be spending the most time in your business!  It's your business brilliance! $497 Value!

*Additional Bonuses for FULL DAY Intensives only (there simply won't be enough time in a half day for these).

*Full Day Intensive Bonus # 5-How You Manifest, this is a bonus reading of the zones and structure of your thumb which shows how you manifest in the world!  Are there blockages or challenges? I'll identify them for you! $497 Value!

*Full Day Intensive Bonus # 6-Money in your Hands!  The money zone of the hands shows if there are untapped strengths, blockages or challenges, in your money, resources and career areas.  I'll identify them for you! $497 Value!

There is so much information in each session, that you will not be able to remember it all.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that the sessions are recorded!

I LOVE offering these bonuses so that you can relax and be present during your sessions, knowing that there is no need to take notes.

Imagine the days and weeks after your sessions and instead of just wising you knew what you should focus on or how to direct your actions, you now have absolute clarity!

I’ve made it very easy for you to get started! 

Full pay $1997 (Best Value)

Easy Pay Plan $197 for 12 payments (Easiest)

You no longer have to wrestle with those big life scale questions like

What am I supposed to do with my life?

What’s my calling and Purpose?

Why does everyone else have a calling except me?

Who am I?

How do I find what I truly desire?

What is my life's path?

Now you will know our own North Star…so that you can put your energy into living your authentic and purpose-driven life instead of just searching for it!

When I first had my hands read, it was evident that I was NOT living my Purpose!  I had been working in a job I enjoyed but I always felt that there just had to be more to life than this. 

It seemed everyone around me had already found their North Star.

How did they find it? Was I the only person that didn’t know their true path and calling? 

I had already invested tons of time, money and energy into my quest for my North Star by exploring my creativity, reading all the self-development books, working with mentors, praying meditating and attending workshops. 

I gained so much value from all of that and learned so much about myself, but you know what?  My biggest question remained unanswered. 

”What is my Life Purpose?”

Then a friend suggested Hand Analysis and at first I just kind of dismissed the suggestion because I thought it was some type of fortune telling or prediction.  But, then I learned there was no prediction involved, and that it is a science, then I was VERY intrigued.  I signed up to have my hands read and it was the best investment of all that I have ever made in myself!

Now, knowing my Purpose, I wake up each day knowing exactly what I am meant to focus on!

Now, I'm not wasting time, money and energy staring at a blank screen, lost and wondering what my next step should be.

I know what I am here to do!

I know the path to becoming the woman I am here to be!

Having my hands read was the BEST investment in myself that I have ever made.

It gave me exactly the clarity that I needed to completely transform my life and it can transform yours too!

Is Hand Analysis Right For Me?

As a Hand Analyst, I have specific criteria for my ideal client.

This work is powerful, affirming and life-changing and requires a high level of commitment and conscious awareness. 

A Hand Analysis Session will probably benefit you if you are:

Pro-active and self-motivated in taking action

Committed to being of service in the world and to yourself

Open-minded to accept change for your own growth

Able to take responsibility for your gifts and challenges

Ready to break free of the repetitive patterns that are keeping you stuck

Committed to your personal fulfillment

Trusting in the process of life

READY to make an investment in yourself and your true desires

The next step is to choose your intensive! Let's go!

I’ve made it very easy for you to get started! 

Full pay $1997 (Best Value)

Easy Pay Plan $197 for 12 payments (Easiest)

I'm honored to be your guide on the Journey to navigate the depths of your soul! 

p.s. Congratulations! It's no coincidence that you found this! It's time to begin living the life you are meant to be living!

 "Navigate the depths of your soul!"™