Full-Day Intensive North Star Soul Journey Hand Analysis Session


Full-Day Intensive North Star Soul Journey Hand Analysis Session


There is something so special about a woman giving herself the gift of a full day to focus on her dreams!  I honor you for being that woman. 

Here is how easy it is to get started and leave the struggle behind so you can live your purpose, shine your light and find your freedom to create the life and business you dream of!

Step 1. Your ink hand printing kit and Welcome Packet are on the way within 1 business day!

Step 2. You make your ink hand prints and scan or mail/email them back to me

Step 3. I decode your prints and create your North Star Map detailed session notes. Your hands reveal the clarity needed to create your most authentic and struggle free life and business. 

Step 4. We set up your Full-Day Intensive via Skype or Zoom. Using your North Star Map from your hands we will know exactly what is blocking you and needs to be released, so that you can live your purpose, shine your light and find your freedom!

Here’s what you’ll receive in your Full-Day North Star Soul Journey Intensive: 

  • North Star Map Hand Reading where I personally decode the information from your hands revealing…

The 5 Points of Your North Star Map Hand Reading include:

1. Sacred Triad (Life Purpose, Life School, Life Lesson)

2. Hand Shape (Your Natural Element, Earth, Air, Water or Fire) Note: if you are not living your hand shape you cannot fully live your purpose!

3. Major Lines (How you are wired for business, communications, reasoning, and relationships)

4. Gift Markings (Using your Gifts unlocks your purpose)

5. Silver Lining Markers (Talents, Wisdom and Challenges in the hands)

  • Full-Day North Star Soul Journey Intensive using your North Star Map as our guide:

We’ll share a Full-Day via Skype or Zoom focusing on your dreams and using the guidance of your North Star Map from your hands.

During your Intensive we can focus on your most pressing needs that might include topics like:

  • Creating a life and business you LOVE using the specific and "unique to you" guidance from your hands. 
  • Releasing any blocks or challenges around money, relationships, or business.
  • Finding your unique message, your authentic way of serving others, and the hidden treasures you already possess that help you create the impact that supports the lifestyle you desire. 
  • Identifying what is keeping you stuck from taking inspired action or finding clarity.
  • Identifying your niche, your target market, your ideal client, your perfect tribe!
  • Creating and pricing your products, packages and services that are a natural fit for your authentic way of being in the world and of most service to your ideal client.
  • Streamlining your life and business, to include the support your feminine deserves and the structure your masculine requires for you to live your dreams without struggle and burnout.
  • Exponentially increase your wealth consciousness so that you are in alignment and able to receive all of the riches that life already has waiting for you.

What is included:

  • North Star Map Hand Analysis Session 
  • Full-Day North Star Journey Intensive via Skype or Zoom
  • Includes Ink Hand Printing Kit
  • Detailed Welcome Packet to help you get clear on what you want to focus on in your intensive.
  • Includes my Insights newsletter to inspire & nourish your entrepreneurial soul!  

Bonus-Career Line Reading-How you are wired for business and career including any blocks, challenges.

Bonus-Prior to your sessions you will receive personally prepared insights and tips to help you to take full advantage of your Soul Journey Intensive!

Bonus-Detailed Session Notes of the North Star Map information decoded from your hands, including your Life Purpose and the #1 thing keeping you stuck from living it! 

Bonus-You will receive a complimentary link to your entire session recordings so that you can download or stream to listen again and again!  

I LOVE offering these bonuses so that you can relax and be present during your sessions, knowing that there is no need to take notes.

Imagine the days and weeks after your sessions when instead of just wising you knew what you should focus on or how to direct your actions, you now have absolute clarity!

You are just steps away from finally discovering your life's calling and your soul's deeper purpose!

There are no coincidences and you have found this guidance for a purpose!

I am honored to be your guide on the journey within.

I invite you to receive the guidance you have been asking for to begin your own North Star Soul Journey to end the struggle and create the purpose driven life you have been dreaming of! 

I am excited for your Soul Journey!

Your Journey starts by clicking the link below.

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