The Soul Loves the Truth.

Are You Living the Truth of Your Soul?
...Your "Big Why"?
...Your Deeper Purpose?
Imagine waking up each day and knowing your deeper purpose!

A Hand Analysis session will provide you this clarity!

Hand Analysis is a powerful science and method of self-awareness.

There is no fortune telling or prediction involved.

As a Scientific Hand-Analyst, I am trained to decode the DNA information
in your fingerprints revealing your specific Life Purpose AND the #1 thing keeping you stuck from living it!

If you are in transition and searching for a new direction, your session can absolutely transform your life and provide the direction, clarity, and inspiration you seek!

I work with clients worldwide LIVE or via Skype/phone and Email. Choose your session and my office will mail you an ink hand printing kit. Simply mail your prints back and schedule your session! So easy!

I work with clients worldwide LIVE or via Skype/phone and Email. Choose your session and my office will mail you an ink hand printing kit. Simply mail your prints back and schedule your session! So easy!


Are you ready to have your hands read and Discover your purpose?

Let's get Started!

It's simple! 

1. Choose your Hand Analysis Reading

Zoom! Your ink hand printing kit is on its way to you within 1 business day!

2. Make handprints.

Easy-peasy! You mail your prints back.

3. Know Your Purpose!

Receive your reading in your inbox OR live via Skype/phone so you don’t need to leave the comfort of your own home!

It works like this:

  • Place your order by choosing your Hand Analysis Reading above.
  • My office will send you an ink hand printing kit via postal mail with printing instructions.
  • You make your hand prints.
  • You mail us your prints.
  • I decode your information directly from your hand prints.
  • Your session notes are emailed directly to your inbox!
  • Or for a live reading, we set up a phone/Skype or one-on-one reading.
  • The entire live reading is recorded!
  • You will be emailed a complimentary MP3 audio link of your entire live reading along with your session notes.
  • Following your reading you will have the opportunity for a BONUS 30 minute Clarity Session with me!

When I first had my hands read, it was evident that I was NOT living my Purpose!  I had been working in a service profession for 20 years and enjoyed it but I always felt (and hoped) that there just had to be more to life than the work I was doing.  Inside I often felt unfulfilled, uninspired and empty. 

Was I the only person that didn’t know their true reason for being alive? 

I was driven to find my soul's purpose and I threw my energies into community service work, explored my creativity, read self-development books, prayed, meditated and attended workshops… all in an attempt to find a deeper meaning to life. 

But still I had no answer to the question I most struggled with…”What is my Life Purpose?”

Then a friend suggested Hand Analysis.  I dismissed the suggestion because I thought it was some type of fortune telling.  When I learned of its scientific nature I was VERY intrigued.  I signed up to have my hands read and I've never looked back. 

Now, knowing my Purpose, I wake up each day knowing exactly what I am meant to express and bring forth in my life!  I know what I am here to do! Life is expanding and most of all…I am excited to live my life ON PURPOSE!

Having my hands read transformed my life and it can transform yours too!

Is Hand Analysis Right For Me?

As a Hand Analyst, I have specific criteria for my ideal client.

This work is powerful, affirming and life-changing and requires a high level of commitment and conscious awareness. 

A Hand Analysis Session will probably benefit you if you are:

  • Pro-active and self motivated in taking action
  • Committed to being of service in the world
  • Open-minded to accept change for your own growth
  • Able to take responsibility for your gifts and challenges
  • Ready to break free of the repetitive patterns that are keeping you stuck
  • Committed to your personal fulfillment
  • Trusting in the process of life
  • READY to make an investment in yourself and your true desires

The next step is to choose your reading! Let's go!

I'm honored to be your guide on the Journey! 

p.s. Congratulations! It's no coincidence that you found this! It's time to begin living the life you are meant to be living!

 "Your Life in your hands!"™