Compliments from some recent clients...


”I spent much of my flight home listening to the recordings of our sessions! Thank you Shannon, the sessions and support from you helped so much with my clarity and rounded off my Sydney trip beautifully!”

-Rozynna Fielding is a London based coach, ornamentation designer and founder of the lifestyle brand, Brilliant Living, England


“Within days of my very first session with Shannon, I gained the clarity that I must travel to Australia to continue with my certification that I need to move my business forward, yet, I didn’t have the money to go!  I felt compelled to clean out my office desk and found, crumpled in the back of the drawer a voucher for air miles that I had completely forgot about (because I used to have no where to go haha).  I called and the voucher was still good and it paid for my complete trip! Thank you Shannon for the clarity and helping me create miracles to move my vision forward into reality!”

-Carol Foldvary-author, environmental visionary and success coach-Brussels, Belgium


"The reading helped me affirm my Life Purpose as The Visionary, High Profile Business Woman and Gifted Healer, and it took away the self-doubt!  I’m a firm believer in Law of Attraction and since my reading with Shannon, I amped up my personal belief even more that everything is possible. I sold an office building that I hadn’t really been believing it was possible to sell, I moved into my house that I wanted so badly, my income has changed, my coaching business has changed, and I’ve met a wonderful person to spend time with!  It’s kind of like the whole “bucket list” unfolded because suddenly I believed it was me who was worth having all of that.  For anyone thinking of having a reading, that would be such a high value of the reading, that affirmation of the higher version of ourselves.”

 –Dinny Evans, Radical Forgiveness Coach, Truckee, CA


“Having my hands read has given me license for that creative side of me that was really tied in to my spiritual side. I have just hosted my first Women in Transition retreat, and I am still getting emails and responses from the women who participated!  It is most exciting to me to see how they are taking the experience from the retreat and translating it into very concrete ways and then stepping into their own greatness.  This is a new revenue source for me, one that uses my Purpose and my Gift Markings in my hands!”

- Deborah Loesch-Griffin, Social Artist -Virginia City, NV


“I am making MORE money, I am living my Purpose, I have moved on from a limiting relationship and I am booking my Hawaiian vacay today!  My session with Shannon was life changing and the best investment I have ever made in myself!”

-Paula Hoffman-Claypool, Licensed Massage Therapist, Owner-Massage by Paula, Reno, NV


"My Session was better than 10 years of therapy!"                                                     

-Darrell Dion, Retired Educator, Organic Farm Owner, Gardnerville, NV