Coaching Collaboration-North Star Hand Analysis Session


Coaching Collaboration-North Star Hand Analysis Session


Note to my coaching colleagues,

I am honored to read your clients hands!  I offer you this session which includes a North Star Map reading at a nearly 50% discount off of my current regular client rate of $997. This includes a 1/2 hour collaboration call live with me to answer any questions you have.  This link is only for you to use to order a session for clients who are in a formal coaching relationship with you, and will receive coaching support upon receiving their hand analysis session.   

An ink hand printing kit will be on its way to you or your client within one business day! Once your kit arrives, your client will make their prints and scan/mail them back to me.

The session information, decoded from the hands will be emailed to the coach.  You can then share the information with your client in the way that best works for your process. I will not be in contact with your client at any time, and will be working directly with you, the coach.

Look for your North Star Map session information via email within 10 days following receipt of the prints. 

What you’ll receive in your clients' North Star Map Hand Analysis Session:

  • Detailed Session Notes, downloadable .PDF of the information decoded from the hands, including your Life Purpose, Life School, & Life Lesson!
  • Includes a complimentary Mp3 audio with additional insights, for your client to download and listen to over and over. 
  • North Star Map printable wall poster graphic (framable).
  • Includes ink hand printing kit.
  • Take away tools for achieving the highest expression of purpose.
  • 30 minute coaching collaboration call for the coach, with me to discuss the session details. 
  • North Star Map Guide to help your client learn about the powerful information in the hands!

A North Star Map session will provide absolute CLARITY of your client’s specific Life Purpose & what is holding them back from living it!

Your client will never again have to struggle with the questions “What is my purpose?”, “What is keeping me so stuck?”, “Why am I really here and what am I supposed to do with my life?”

They will understand the hidden meaning in their repetitive negative life challenges and how they actually hold the secret spice to their business success!

Discover their Gifts, Talents, and Challenges and how to use them to unlock their Purpose!

I am so excited for your client to discover their own North Star Map in their hands!

Journey Within,


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