I went on a journey to find my Purpose...


Hi, my name is Shannon Montana, and I am passionate about helping conscious women entrepreneurs discover their specific life purpose, get OUT of overwhelm… and create thriving businesses that fuel your desired lifestyle and make an impact.

Just a few years ago, my life was a constant struggle for money, time and meaning.   My life was completely out of balance trying to juggle multiple jobs, college classes, and being a single parent.  I had no formal education and was plagued with constant financial stress with no relief in sight.  Amidst the chaos, I had a deep desire to change my life, and I was searching for my Purpose. But I had no idea where or how to find it.

Back then, I was doing the best I knew how, with no formal education and knowing I didn't want to be away from my young daughter all day.  I saw no way to be earning good money without going back to college, but it took time and money and I honestly could find nothing that college offered that felt like something I could be happy and good at. 

Something was missing.

I went on a journey to find my Purpose. I tried everything. I read books on self- awareness, learned meditation, went to seminars and studied spiritual methods. All of those things were wonderful and I learned so much, but I still did not know my Purpose. Nothing worked. I began to think something was wrong with me, that I was just never meant to be happy and that my karma must be bad, because I was working so hard and life was just getting more difficult instead of better.   

Then a friend suggested I try Scientific Hand Analysis because it would pinpoint my specific Purpose and also what was holding me back from living it. I was very skeptical and it took me a while to book my session because I thought it was like "palm reading" and involved some type of "fortune telling" which I was not interested in at all.  

I finally had my hands read, and my life was changed completely from struggling single parent just trying to survive, to thriving, purpose-driven entrepreneur traveling the globe...in just a few short years.

Now, I wake each morning knowing exactly why I am here, and how to bring my unique gifts and talents into the world to help other's transform their own lives. I’ve designed my business and my calendar to allow plenty of time for my loved ones, my creative passions, self-care, traveling and giving back to causes I believe in.  

I transformed my life by having my hands read to discover my Purpose and what was keeping me so stuck.  I used the "map" in my hands to get clear about what I wanted, taking back control, and creating a life and business I love on my own terms.

And I want to help YOU do the same.