Shannon Montana presents…

Journey Within

90 Days to Clarity 

A 90-Day Mentorship Program for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs

To Create the Income, Impact & Lifestyle You Desire



Do you feel you have to choose between a successful career, being of service in the world, and creating a conscious lifestyle that you love?

Have you been so focused on building your business that your health and relationships have fallen to the bottom of your priority list?

Have you invested time & money into other programs, courses or self-study – but still feel confused, overwhelmed and without support?

I get it, because I’ve been there…

Just a few years ago, I had finally landed a job that covered most of my long as I didn't ever put money in savings, buy new clothes, go out to eat or take a vacation....

Yet without the formal education needed for a higher paying job, I felt lucky to have it! 

My job was demanding with long hours and a lot of stress, so I spent every free minute I could out in the mountains.  The outdoors had always been my escape, and I could usually come up with enough money for a tank of gas. I would pack up the car with my camera, my young daughter and her friends and we would head out on epic adventures together! I had always been an avid outdoor photographer and loved capturing images while we were outdoors. 

We biked, hiked, kayaked and camped throughout the Sierra Nevada.  So, I decided to try to sell some of my nature photographs to make extra money.  It seemed a perfect fit!

Long story short, after a few years of nose to the grindstone,  I had created some beautiful images and some financial  success. 

Sydney 10.jpg

But I had also accepted exhaustion and burnout as the price of this level of “success.”

I blamed myself. I thought I just didn't "have what it takes" to be successful and I began to feel hopeless, stuck, and overwhelmed as I worried about the future. How was I going to get out of debt? Put my daughter through college? Get tires on the car? I rarely saw friends because I couldn't afford to go out for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.  I was too embarrassed to say so, and would make excuses that I was busy.  Soon, my friends just stopped asking and secretly I felt relieved.  

But underneath I had always felt I was meant for something bigger than this, something meaningful, something with purpose.

But I had no idea what my purpose was.  

And I had searched in earnest to try to discover it! I was reading the books, listening to the CD's by Wayne, Deepak, and Oprah, all of whom told me to just "do what I love" and I would be on purpose.  But I was doing that and you know didn't work. Back then, being outdoors with my daughter and my camera was what I loved!  Why then was I broke and exhausted? I knew there was something else to it, and I was determined to find my true purpose. 

My wake-up call came late one night when I found myself at wits end and typing "please help me find my purpose" into my Google search bar.

I was trying to figure out how to find work that was meaningful, go back to school to get a degree, work full time, be a single mom, and make rent… and it suddenly hit me.

I couldn’t live like this anymore. Something had to change.

I felt deeply called to have a successful career and make a difference in the world…

… but I could no longer sacrifice my lifestyle and happiness in the process.

The old model of “success” that I had been following didn’t support the lifestyle I desired, so I set out to design my own conscious path that would provide the lifestyle and impact I truly wanted.

Then I had my hands read, and everything changed!  

A friend suggested I have my hands read to pinpoint my Life Purpose and finally find out what was keeping me stuck from living it.  I was VERY skeptical because I thought that there was some type of "fortune-telling" or "prediction" involved, and I was not interested in that!

Instead I discovered that Hand Analysis is a science where the DNA information is decoded from the fingerprints to reveal:

1. Your Life Purpose-where you find your greatest fulfillment

2. Your Life Lesson-the #1 thing keeping you stuck from living it

3. Your Life School-where you find your Mastery

I was nervous and excited to have my hands read, and it was the best investment I have ever made in myself.

Now I work with clients around the world, that I absolutely love to work with! 

Each day I wake up knowing what I am here to do and why.

I know my Purpose and can move forward in every aspect of my life.

I also know exactly why I can feel stuck and what I am here to master to find my greatest fulfillment.

My life is on purpose and I am creating the impact I knew I was meant for!  

Having my hands read changed my life and it can change yours too.

My clients wanted to know their purpose AND how to create their own thriving business and lifestyles...

As a Hand Analyst, I get to see my clients lives transformed when they receive their own hand readings. Soon, I noticed that they wanted even more guidance to help them to not just discover their purpose, but to bring it into the world.

I now serve as a Hand Analyst and Transformational Success Coach, helping conscious entrepreneurial women create purpose-driven businesses that fuel their lifestyle and create the impact they are meant for.

So not only do I get to help women discover their purpose and what is holding them back...I also get show them how to use the "map" in their hands to create their own thriving purpose-driven business, and a lifestyle that nurtures and supports them!

I love my life!  I love my clients!  I love helping you go from where you are now to where your dreams are!


You do not have to choose between being of service, leading a purpose-driven business, and creating a lifestyle that you love.  



  • successful business that fuels your desired lifestyle AND makes a positive impact on the world
  • Plenty of time for self-care (so you can truly blossom and thrive)
  • Clarity about your mission, and the confidence to make it happen
  • community of like-minded women who support you to show up as the very best version of yourself
  • The freedom to travel, spend time with friends and loved ones, and pursue your passions
Sydney Hand Analysis 1

Whatever success looks like to you, I am here to help you claim it and create it. 

No more feeling you have to choose… it’s time for you to have it ALL. 

Imagine this:

It’s 3 months from now. Your business and life have taken off. You are thriving because you are living your life on purpose. You are taking action with clarity.

You’ve developed new habits and momentum - the kind you used to envy in other people.

You are clear on your purpose. You are making the impact you desire. Your life feels integrated. You are energized and working in your zone.You have support from other women leaders. Money is flowing with ease.

Can you see it?

What you’re envisioning right now is 100% possible, but it can be difficult to get there without support  

Fortunately, you don’t have to…

 Confusion to Clarity is designed to help women just like you:

  • Make money by living out your purpose and mission
  • Design a successful, sustainable business that supports your ideal lifestyle
  • Get out of overwhelm and learn simple and do-able steps to making your dream of global impact a reality
  • Identify your gifts & strengths, and learn how to run a business from your unique genius and purpose
  • Create a self-care plan so you look & feel your best – and have plenty of energy to pursue your passions
  • Deepen your contribution and impact
  • Move past any fear, worry, doubt, or limiting beliefs that are holding you back from success
  • Feel confident in your communication
  • Build a community to support you personally and professionally
  • Claim your worth, earn more money and attract your ideal clients with ease


Ready to get started?


Here’s What We’ll Focus On During

Our 90 Days Together… I believe in taking an integrated approach to creating the lifestyle and business of your dreams.

When you shift from compartmentalizing your life to a truly holistic approach, you’ll be astonished by how easily everything begins to flow – and how quickly your income and impact grows.

Each 90-day program is customized to your unique needs and desires, and will cover the components below that are most relevant to you and your business.

Using Scientific Hand Analysis we will decode the DNA information from you fingerprints to discover your foundation:

1. Your specific Purpose 2. What is holding you back from living it  3. Where your mastery resides

Then with that foundation there are 5 key areas we can focus on during our time together.

Business Structures

  • Get clarity on your vision / mission / values and how to design a business that is in alignment with your deeper “WHY”, your Purpose
  • Understand who you serve (your niche/target market) and how to easily attract more of your ideal clients
  • Identify your gifts & strengths, and create services and offerings that benefit others
  • Learn how to take imperfect action to make progress toward your goals
  • Create systems & structures that give you the freedom to take time off, or simply spend more time working on the parts of your business that you love most

Wealth Consciousness

  • Move past limiting beliefs around money that are keeping you from the abundance and impact you are meant to have
  • Learn to charge what you are worth – and get it!
  • Start loving sales, because all you do is serve people…
  • See "Yes, please's" vs. "No, thank you's" in a whole new light (when “No” doesn’t feel like a rejection – but rather a step closer to a “Yes”)
  • Earn plenty of money to enjoy your desired lifestyle AND give back in a meaningful way


  • Integrate your life and work (instead of feeling like you have to choose between one or the other)
  • Prioritize self-care, because you understand that it is 100% critical for your success and happiness
  • Design your ideal calendar / schedule – complete with time for fun, creativity, contribution, loved ones, travel, and anything else that is important to you
  • Learn systems to simplify your life and keep you out of burnout and overwhelm
  • Enjoy the kind of clothing, home environment, and lifestyle you desire… because you know that you can have all of this AND make a positive impact in the world


  • Create community in 3 key areas: your business, your network/support system, and the people you impact through your purpose-driven work
  • Learn where to find other like-minded women who will support you to show up as the best version of yourself
  • Harness the power of community to actualize your vision/mission on a bigger scale
  • Get the mentorship and coaching you need to thrive, and continuously up-level your income and impact


  • Get clarity on your purpose, and how you want to give back
  • Create a vision for your short- and long-term purpose-driven goals, and a clear plan to help you get there
  • Design a business that supports your mission without going into overwhelm
  • Change lives around the world for the better                                                                                                                


Program Structure and Specifics

  • I want you to think of me as much more than a coach. I’m here to be your thought partner, your sounding board, and your biggest supporter.

    Whatever it takes to create the kind of lifestyle and business you’ve always dreamed of, we’re going to make it happen.

    But I have to warn you… there’s no room for 50/50 in this relationship. 

    I want you to commit 100% to your success, and I will do the same.

     Your 90-Day Program Includes:

  • A 23-page Welcome Packet specifically crafted to help you get clarity on what you want to accomplish in 90 days – so that our time together is laser-focused on getting you the results you want
  • An ink hand printing kit to make your hand prints
  • A BONUS 45 minute Hand Analysis Session to discover your specific Purpose & Lesson & Mastery
  • A 2-Hour “Deep Dive” Session to kick off our time together. This is where we will get really grounded in your WHY, and begin to craft a plan to make your vision a reality
  • Eleven 45-Minute Phone Sessions – Weekly sessions to help you stay on-track toward creating the lifestyle and business you desire
  • Email Access – Feel free to send me your successes, updates and clarification questions for the duration of our 90 days together
  • Customized Resources & Recommendations – Throughout the program I will send you resources, articles, referrals and recommendations for books or other supplementary tools specifically tailored to you and your business.

Are you ready?

Investment | $3,750 Paid In Full*

*Monthly installments available upon request

(Price increases to $5,000 December 31)

You are meant for a greater purpose

It’s time to make a choice.

You can continue doing things the way you have been… you can try to struggle through these changes on your own… or you can get the support you need and desire to completely transform your life and business in as little as 90 days. 

“Let others lead small lives, but not you. Let others argue over small things, but not you. Let others cry over small hurts, but not you. Let others leave their future in someone else’s hands, but not you.” —Jim Rohn

 So what will it be? Are you ready to stop playing small, and fully embrace your unique purpose? If you feel excited (and possibly a little nervous) reading these words, then you already have your answer. 


I look forward to supporting you to create your ultimate purpose-driven life. 

To a life lived on purpose,

Shannon Montana

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and remember Your Life in your hands!